Provence Style "a la France" in your house

ПровансProvence – as color of olives and surf noise, as sun patches of light on windowpanes and fragrant aroma of a lavender. With an interior in style Provence the beautiful dream of provincial life in the south of France can become a reality.

Provincial Provence style

Rural style in registration of interiors, or style of a country, isn't artificially created. It reflects naturalness of a life of countrymen, their way of life and daily cares.

Antiquarian subjects. Provence, style of a country in French, received the name in honor of the cozy town on the southeast coast of France. Many elements of style – the casual subjects of the utensils which long ago become obsolete and have regenerated in new role. For example, the enameled teapot instead of a vase for wild flowers or the zinced bathtub for storage of things.

Colors of style Provence

Natural color. As you understood, the main feature of style is naturalness. The natural shades of flowers having something in common with juicy notes of life in the town of Provence as is an integral part of composition. Bright yellow – as color of sunflowers, a gentle shade of color of a sea wave – as combs of foamy waves, okhristo-green – as a ripe olive, kipelno-white – as homespun lace, lilac – as fields of a fragrant lavender, azure – as infinite blue of the sky carrying away up.

The made old invoice. Each of us has warm memories of creaking benches, buffets with porcelain, wooden chests in the grandmother's house. Remember a rough surface of these things made old by time. Their cracks, vyboinka and tsarapinka are filled with history. Remember how you considered these subjects children's eyes, and they seemed any ridiculous. Exactly modern pieces of furniture and furniture from a particleboard, PVC and MDF will look so in an interior in style Provence. And if all of them are present at a situation, they by all means need to be subordinated to a style basis: to whitewash, in places отшкурить, to put lists and ornaments, to drape with curtains with touching flower drawing. For imitation grown old, grown dull from a sunlight, places of the peeled-off walls decorative plaster with a "semi-antique" relief perfectly will approach. For the greatest truthfulness it is necessary to choose the muffled shades of flowers natural to Provence.

Shod elements. Despite seeming simplicity, the French style of a country I didn't lose distinguished luxury, characteristic for culture of this country. Thirst for a refined decor is expressed many shod and gilded details. These are florid ceiling chandeliers with candelabrums, intricate legs of lamp shades, charming gilded frames of mirrors, metal shod accessories on pieces of furniture, massive shod backs of beds, extraordinary patterns of chimney lattices.

Provincial furniture. Cases and dressers, buffets and curbstones a la Provence a little bulky and rough in a form. If to speak about a material, most often are breeds of wood of a dairy shade or simple whitewashing. Fragments of relief inserts with vegetable ornaments aren't excluded. Among upholstered furniture to mood of Provence there correspond simple in a form small sofas and chairs with decorative ruches. Fabric can be both monophonic, and decorated characteristic for this style a flower or striped print.

Провинциальный стиль провансDecor elements in style Provence

The Provencal decor doesn't stint bright details. Provincial life, beautiful landscapes, refinement of the French taste introduced abundance of decorative elements in houses of simple inhabitants. Eaves with a patina; hours with black, as if shaped from metal, shooters; friezes on walls; bright sateen or linen curtains at the French windows with white frames; ceramic figurines in the form of symbolical for France a rooster and chicken; the painted plates decorating regiments of kitchen lockers.

You won't forbid to live beautifully and in French magnificently too it is possible. Remarkable Provence style transfers us to far Southern France with cozy small restaurants, pestreyushchy flower beds and serene provincial life.



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