Relationship between man and Baroque architecture

With what you associate baroque?

Baroque in a historical context – Renaissance collapse of ideals.

Baroque in esthetic sense – bulky grandiosity, infinite game of forms, stratification of one elements on others, magnificent gilding.

Baroque in culture – a texture in uniform ensemble of all art forms: sculptures, painting and architecture.

The term "baroque" origin, from the point of view of linguistics, still remains a riddle. In one scientists-linguists meet: "baroque" means something freakish and sophisticated.

Secret of greatness of baroque

Crash of architectural style is an indispensable condition of emergence new. From ruins of the strict and proportional Renaissance in the XVI-XVIII centuries magnificent and irrational baroque towered.

Curves, lack of accurate forms and proportions, excessive decorative effect arose as reaction to a set of changes in world way. Magellan's global cruise, opening of Solar system by Copernicus, emergence on the world map of the new continent broke old ideas of a peace arrangement. Physical laws of not subject Universe came to change to a divine picture of a universe. The person felt again himself as a particle in whirlpool of life and history.

Experiences of that era find bright expression in massive and florid forms of baroque. And if the classics, first of all, focuses attention on the hidden correct proportions and harmony, baroque – on obvious abundance of a decor.

Italy became the baroque homeland traditionally. This style generated a set of disputes and ambiguous judgments. One ranked it as apogee of cultural decline, others saw in it an image of new beauty. However the fact remains: baroque style left a deep print in world culture and architecture, the certificate to that is the magnificent inflorescence of palaces, parks and churches which we can admire today.

Pearl of the Italian baroque is the creation of the great sculptor and architect Lorenso Bernini – the area before St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome. The cathedral is the largest among Christian churches in the world, to its construction laid a hand at once some generations of great masters – Maderno, Michelangelo, Bernina, Raphael, Bramanta. Its rich furniture abounds with a magnificent decor: multi-colored lists of many-tier domes, frescos, as if coming to life in the face of a sculpture, abundance of a stucco molding and gilding.

The area before a cathedral is quintessence of stileobrazuyushchy receptions in one construction.

For architecture of baroque the overflowing of one forms in others, plasticity of details, the wrong forms of buildings which in itself remind a difficult ornament is peculiar. The area before St. Peter's cathedral is logical continuation of a design of the building. She as if plows up broad embraces of the semicircular colonnades decorated by 96 statues to Bernina, towards to parishioners.

Illusion of greatness is created not only by means of gilding, abundance of a decor, massiveness of constructions, but also by means of game of proportions. So, the ladder "The rock реджа" which connects a cathedral to the Vatican palace, is designed in such a way that columns standing at feet of parishioners have the huge height whereas the columns which are standing in the distance, correspond to growth of the Pope, doing his figure majestic and is illusory the high.

Behind greatness of forms of baroque the aspiration of empires, governors hides and the person to prove the superiority. The main idea of this strange style also consists in it.

Status interior in Baroque style

In Baroque style it is quite simple to draw an interior in imagination and it is quite difficult to realize in practice. Baroque in an interior will tell a lot of things about the status and prestige of the house and its owners.

As ideal canvas for creation of a baroque interior the big apartment on the areas or a country house serves. Volume spaces – the main key to success. Thus, the interior in Baroque style will perfectly look both in drawing rooms and dining rooms, and in unofficial parts of housing – sleeping and bathrooms.

Other making harmony of a baroque image masterful ability to pack magnificent details of a decor, furniture and furniture without effect of bad taste is.

Game of forms and ornaments, light and shade, flowers and materials, florid elements of a decor represent: floor vases, statues, frescos on walls and a ceiling, eaves with gilding and decorative columns. Each corner of the room, by all means, is filled with expressive details.

Among ornaments vegetable motives – a volume stucco molding in the form of leaves and flowers prevail. Often walls and portals of fireplaces in Baroque style decorate expressive in a form and design маскароны in the form of the head of the person or an animal in a fullface.

Pieces of furniture in baroque стилеПредметы furniture in baroque style are the real works of art. Precious breeds of dark wood, natural fabrics of saturated shades, the massive case, smooth bends of lines of legs and backs, florid woodcarving – characteristic features of furniture, worthy this style. Such furniture often is part of family history and passes from father to son.

Contrary to classical interiors with strict proportions where the size and a form of each subject are interfaced to a certain standard, baroque is deprived of harmony. And only symmetry and order system as a decor are echoes of classics on which baroque leans.

The correct arrangement of massive furniture and the balanced distribution of baroque elements of a decor will help to fill with spirit of luxury your house. However be ready: majestic Baroque style involuntarily obliges you to maintain superiority reputation always.

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