About Us

Creative masterful "Sculptor" – isn't on sale inspiration …

Hello, dear friends. Reading these lines says that you were interested by our works and before acceptance of a final decision on cooperation you would like to learn more about a creative workshop.

We won't begin to be let in vast reasonings on importance of elements of a true art in an interior and an exterior and to tell you stories of the Cinderella about how we began as something was impossible and as we eventually managed to get up to the utmost.

We will be limited to the facts about a creative workshop "Sculptor" and data on how we will work.


Writer Konstantin Melikhan advises to women: "Don't hide the age, differently will give more". In business all on the contrary – don't hide, differently will give less, and all after all want to work with the skilled.

Well, we hurry to appear among them. Creative masterful "Sculptor" is based in 2007. Therefore it is possible to speak about considerable experience which, certainly, plays into the hands of you, to our clients. We are engaged in actually art finishing of interiors and exteriors even more long.

Simply in 2007 left an underground from the legal point of view.

The formation and fixing period in the market we will lower, agree? In fact, the age isn't the most objective indicator. And the only impartial criterion of an assessment is the portfolio, which completeness (forgive for immodesty) artists of a workshop "Sculptor" are proud.


Some words about people which will realize your desires. Any collective has to be based on friendship. Only this way work is performed at high level. At us the idea joined friendship. We do one FAVOURITE work therefore really "are held down by a chain".

For what we focused on it attention? So after all you receive the best result just from those who treats the order with love and not just as to work.

Therefore cooperation is quite simple: you set a task – we undertake to execute it at the greatest possible high level and entirely we are responsible for result.

Field of activity

Masters create to turn your ideas and desires concerning house and site registration into reality.

The Greek columns from plaster and marble, figured fountains in a garden, classical figured fireplaces, decorative plaster, art sculptures, stained-glass windows, mirrors with an art carving …

It is possible to list infinitely.

But why it to do? After all the workshop motto – you speak about the desires, we turn them into reality.

Than we are allocated in the market of a decor and than we want to attract you, clients?

Here not time and not a place to open all trumps. Let's mention one. Artists of a creative workshop "Sculptor" work with ANY materials (plaster, concrete, polyfoam, polyurethane, fibreglass, etc.). If you already designated to yourselves several applicants for implementation of the order, for certain you know that the majority works in a narrow orientation.

For example, you convince that polyurethane columns – ideal option. And what in practice? And in practice that simply people don't work with plaster, for example. Therefore offer not that it is better, and that is.

We don't have need of it to do as no appearance of a material of value has. Besides, you receive a material at the prices for which we can buy it as dealers.

And the last. 90% of works are an exclusive. I.e. you, cooperating with "Sculptor", don't receive the next stamped … Without expressions.

Your orders, as well as true art, are born in creative search!

You call to agree about a meeting. And, certainly, don't forget to look at a portfolio.