Artworks in an interior as inner self continuation

The beauty happens elaborate and graceful, magnificent and fawning, invigorating and intriguing, inspiring and impressing.

In interior design of the master of a citadel of creativity "Sculptor" realize large-scale plans by means of small and large elements of a decor. All charm that any such element doesn't leave not a shadow of doubt that your interior is unique.

Artworks of masters include variety of forms and materials: exclusive products from glass, an antique sculpture, art mirrors, stained-glass windows with author's ornaments, an iconography, relief images on walls and ceilings, a list of walls in drawing rooms and the nurseries, unusual lamps, interior stylizations with application of cloths of the well-known artists.

The essence of design of rooms consists in transferring ideas. It can be ideas of times past if you gravitate to traditions of the past and admire interiors in styles an empire style, baroque, rococo, a gothic style and classics. It can be ideas of functionality if interiors are preferable to you in style hi-tech and minimalism. Or the extremely unexpected mix in the spirit of eclecticism with application of separate bright accents, for example, in style ethno.

What is, in modern creativity and interior design there are no rules and restrictions. The freedom of choice generates the mass of interesting ideas and projects.

Let's give some examples for an illustration of artworks of masters.

Today the interior design, incorporating traditions and elements of national culture of the different countries is quite popular. Such interiors often are part of the marketing concept of restaurants of the Chinese, Japanese or Vietnamese cuisine. And in private houses are reflection of an individual approach to a decor of interiors. Certainly, it is pertinent if you, for example, study Japanese culture or simply you enjoy Japanese minimalism as style.

For an illustration of ideas of Japanese culture in one of projects artists of a creative workshop "Sculptor" put on a wall a bas-relief with cranes. Crane – a traditional symbol of Japanese culture which symbolizes longevity and prosperity. The graceful beauty of this bird is applied as elements of a decor of Japanese houses, represented on Japanese brands and emblems. The bewitching and touching relief of color of an ivory became a keynote in a Japanese interior.

To a reconstruction of interiors in style of elaborate rococo and an imperious empire style are applied expressive, often heavy on the volume, a decor detail. For example, the frescos concluded in frames with gilding or silvering.

At the heart of Gothic and neogothic interiors the principles of a height, pointedness, lightness lie. The shod lamps made on individual sketches, stained-glass windows with freakish ornaments or a fragmentary list of walls help to place the correct accents and to create the necessary atmosphere.

That the interior became continuation of your inner self, additional support is required from artists. Their exclusive ideas, and the most important, idea of how to realize these ideas, create interior miracles.

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