The columns in the interior (part II)

Functions of the columns in a modern interior

 Columns in the room and used as a support and as a single decorative element. These architectural design can serve as a facility for the distribution of the area, or even as a cover bearing structures. They apply the correction proportions of the room, and as a visual extension of the interior (for example by means of vertical strips can achieve the effect of the high ceiling).

The columns are also used in the form of shelves and cabinets - it's hollow falshkolonny. And used for practical purposes, despite the fact that they are often made from non-durable stone or marble, and polyurethane or plasterboard. Half Columns can also be used as a prop for furniture - cabinets, tables, chairs, armchairs.

If you use a low tower on the bar, then you reincarnate the site in the mini-bar. Connecting two columns each other can be used as the scope for illumination or lights.

The most popular feature of columns in the interior - space zoning. A large number of use cases. For example: using the column, you can separate the dining area from the kitchen, or to focus on the fireplace, placed on the sides of the two columns. And the classic version: with a number of columns to make the entrance to the room or hall.

Also, you can pick out their architectural design with pre-fitted into the ceiling light - an excellent option in the event that your columns are decorated with paintings. After this admission, you are proud to be able to call them true "art objects".

If you like Japanese interior, and you want to bring him safely to his apartment, then do not forget about the column - a strict geometric shape with characteristic traditional Japanese art painting.

If you have chosen a room in a vintage style that is particularly old and retro atmosphere, then you should opt for the artificially aged colones. It's enough to make use of the application of artificial cracks or appliances patination, gilding.

In the premises Mediterranean character string can perfectly fit into the interior as a beacon or mast.

By the style of hi-tech, modern (and Japanese-style) fit the column strict geometric shape. It is important that the architectural design consistent with the proportions of the room.

 Decorative columns and space

Columns look great in country houses and in small spaces, such as urban apartments. If you pick up the column, without violating the general rules of the location of these structures, and the corresponding size, then rest assured: you will get a decent design in his house.

Apply column, regardless of their size, can in many rooms: the bedroom, the dining room, the bathroom, the living room and in the lobby, respectively.

The most popular use of columns - living rooms. Also, very often these structures are decorated with fireplaces, combining them with pilasters. In private houses enclose these architectural designs dining room from the living room itself, or else stair passages.

Columns in the bedroom can visually separate the bed from the remaining space.

Spacious bath - another outstanding way to use columns. Columns can be distinguished mirror situated there, or else surround the bathtub. Try using half-columns, combining them with columns, you will receive exceptional design.

In the kitchen, the column can not be redundant. Nothing better pillars will divide the kitchen into zones. You need to hide wires or pipes from the exhaust, then the column is "come" to the rescue.

 From the above, we can see that the column - a universal architectural design, and it can be applied in different situations, and it is in different interiors.


The columns in the interior (part I)

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