In total about stained-glass windows (styles)

Part II

Styles of a stained-glass window

Abstract stained-glass window

Абстрактный витражThis stained-glass window is under construction on visual concepts, on color combinations and perception bases. To couple of geometrical figures, their configuration here that is often characteristic for a stained-glass window of this style. But, for the artist not everything is so simple, improvisation demands big talent and thin feeling of harmony. To fill the building with light, optimism and a slice of pleasure the abstract stained-glass window will help. This type of a stained-glass window never bothers and always improbably softly pleases "eye". If behind a window a dullness, or a sad face then an abstract stained-glass window – that without what to you not to do!

Egyptian stained-glass window

Египетский витражAncient Egyptian motives and glasses of color of the desert — the main characteristic of this stained-glass window. Pharaohs, scenes from life of gods, Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and ornaments — the main subjects of drawing on a stained-glass window. Characteristic color scale for the Egyptian stained-glass window: brown, beige, sand, also corporal, yellow, orange, coral and red. Ancient Egyptian motives and glasses of color of the desert - the main characteristic of this stained-glass window.

Antique style of a stained-glass window

Античный стиль витража   Antique style of a stained-glass window Minimalism — the most favorable interior for this style of stained glass art as on them there is a lot of details. Plots of these stained-glass windows – drawings of the Greek amphoras, antique mosaics. Besides color glass in antique stained-glass windows introduce metal, nacre, ceramic elements, mica. This stained-glass window isn't suitable for window apertures because separate elements very small by the size. Interroom doors, wall apertures are an excellent place for an antique stained-glass window. The most effective application: if you hang up a stained glass panel on a wall and establish behind it illumination, then your stained-glass window reincarnated in a picture which will come to life and play from within radiant light, creating the magic and cosiness atmosphere in your house.

Byzantine stained-glass window

Византийский витражUnlike an antique stained-glass window, the Byzantine style — it not a mosaic, and a list on glass. In this style use both color, and colourless glass. Thanks to colourless glass artists achieve effect of lightness, "lack" of the background, all elements of a stained-glass window "soar over the plane". In what the Byzantine equipment consists is a connection of a list on glass and a classical stained-glass window. In this style there are no frames for avoiding of effect of weight. Put them on bearing glass with a list. These stained-glass windows the good decision for windows, they pass a lot of light.

Vanguard stained-glass windows (postmodernism, New Age)

Авангардный витражTo vanguard stained-glass window, lack of classics in equipment of production of a stained-glass window is characteristic. Here coloring and not style of a stained-glass window, namely innovative ideas in the course of creation and stained-glass window production means not. Fragments connect plastic, lead or steel. Pattern in New Age style receive by a vytravleniye on glass fluoric acid or an engraving. Stained-glass windows of this style happen: multilayered, volume, with three-dimensional details. Many stained-glass windows do of monolithic glasses and work over them by means of baking paints. For effective result of spatial prospect and volume, practise use of gradient colourings of separate glasses. Special processings allow to make stained-glass window glass opaque, rough, shining, glossy or, at all to give it effect "chameleon". Any room with such stained-glass window will look uncommonly and fashionably.




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