In total about stained-glass windows

Part I

History of stained glass art

Stained-glass window — a panel from glass which passes through itself light, or — decorative, ornamental composition in a door or window aperture. The stained-glass window has one special property: its beauty imposes a stamp of originality and mysterious originality on all structure.

Today the word "stained-glass window" in construction practice even more often use, as definition of partial or complete registration of a facade of the building.

Stained-glass windows were an integral part of decoration of temples of Gallia in the V-VI centuries, then they became popular and in Germany, England. Stained-glass windows reached peak of the popularity during the Middle Ages era. In rooms by means of a stained-glass window lighting was regulated. Art registration created a mystical image — blinking of color shadows.

Russia got acquainted with stained-glass windows during a Christianity era. Thanks to Nikolay the First in many palaces refined stained glass art which brought feeling of the deep Middle Ages in each room began to appear. Certainly, stained-glass windows were very popular in those days, but cost improbably large sums. By the time of Nikolay's life the Russian masters weren't familiar yet with the stained-glass window production technology.

Styles of stained-glass windows

The rich imagination of artists generates great abundance of stained-glass windows. Stained-glass window — one of the most effective and means of expression in an interior. What finishing won't be compared to a stained-glass window on decorative effect. If you want to emphasize the main plan of a design, to place emphasis on style, then you need to resort to stained glass art. Style of a stained-glass window at interior design is much more important, than color scale. Stained-glass windows share on some main categories.

Classical style of a stained-glass window

Classical style of a stained-glass window

Drawing of a classical stained-glass window has to be symmetric are there can be geometrical patterns or flower motives. Based color din of glasses — dark colors and warm bed tone. Classical stained-glass window – the ideal decision for registration window or a doorway, an interroom partition, and as for sliding wardrobe shutters. Classical stained-glass windows are unique, they are created according to the individual sketch, all works on them are carried out manually, eventually the price of this work increases.

Gothic style of a stained-glass window

Gothic style of a stained-glass window Religiousness — the main subject of Gothic stained-glass windows. Characteristic colors of this stained-glass window: blue, gold, green, violet, scarlet, dark red. — the mysterious atmosphere of the Middle Ages lead frames and purple glass will help to create Zavorazhivayushche. In Gothic stained-glass windows such subject, as images of household scenes is applied still: knights, kings, work of handicraftsmen, city and rural life and, certainly, mythological heroes – unicorns, dragons. If you have a bright furniture, which is executed from natural materials (mahogany, the velvet or skin) then a Gothic stained-glass window is that is necessary for you.

Era stained-glass windows Modernist style

At the heart of this stained-glass window the sea subject of style lies. All lines on a stained-glass window mark off a sea wave. To stained-glass window in modernist style pure paints in blossoming, and half tone are characteristic not. Smooth and difficult lines, uncommon contours of lattices. These are magnificent artifacts, relics which over the years all higher and above are appreciated. For this stained-glass window pale shades, dark and pastel glass are characteristic muffled tone.

Stained-glass windows in modernist style — a gifted work of art. It the least exacting of all styles of stained-glass windows to an interior. Stained-glass windows of this style approach to any situation. But, It should be noted especially harmoniously this stained-glass window hi-tech (ultramodern design) looks in an interior.

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