Flirty rococo interiors

Rococo in an interior. The homeland of charming rococo – France. In the XVIII century in the well-known French salons behind easy conversations of young young ladies and their gentlemen affairs of the governmental importance were solved. Style of rococo, romantic and times whimsical, creates the atmosphere of general fun and a holiday.

Rococo is style continuation of baroque. If to look at baroque and rococo an unaided look, first they will seem the identical. Attentively studying stucco molding outlines, catching shades of flowers, distinguishing subject of ornaments, you start understanding that rococo has a bit different sounding.

The aspiration is behind cold splendor of baroque to a tsarstvennost and greatness, whereas at the heart of rococo – a magnificent feast of affectedness and romanticism. Visually baroque jewelry looks thorough, massive and heavy whereas rococo curls remind whipped cream rather. And if baroque, generally I became decoration of imperial palaces, courage of rococo was expressed in a decor of houses of prosperous citizens.

Interiors in style of rococo possess characteristic distinctive features.

Womanly forms

The beauty and grace of a female body is sung by poets and writers, musicians and artists. In architecture to it devoted the whole style.

The uniting beginning of all forms of a decor in style of rococo are smooth lines. Lack of acute angles, to a limit the rounded contours of furniture and decor details poetically hint at shapes of a female body.

Womanly forms рококоПо to comparison with extensive baroque, the space of rooms is narrowed, becomes more intimate and comfortable a little. Often even the form of walls and ceilings accepts roundish outlines. In modern interiors the roundish room or dome-shaped ceilings can be received by means of finishing by plaster or polyurethane. To smooth acute angles on a joint of a ceiling and walls gilded eaves will help. The art lists passing from a ceiling to walls, will help to create feeling of chamber space.

Charming dressers, three-leaved mirrors, secretaries and wardrobes as are subordinated to the concept of smooth lines, distinguished openwork patterns and ease. Legs and backs are still decorated with gilding or silver

The special part is assigned to soft, slightly intriguing lighting. Figured shod chandeliers with crystal, the candles which are reflecting in mirrors with gilded frames, warm light from a fireplace in style of rococo are pertinent.

The oval salon in the Parisian hotel Subiz is an example of style of rococo in Europe. The hotel is constructed for prince de Subiza, nevertheless work of the architect and sculptor Jermain Boffan doesn't leave doubts that rococo has pronounced womanly outlines. The main concept of an interior – lack of straight lines and corners – is reached due to wealth of a decor. The painted arches and tremendous beauty of a wall are braided, as if lace, a stucco molding from gilding. Pictures in roundish gilded frames skillfully mask even the slightest hints on straight lines and corners. Set of mirrors on perimeter of a hall create effect of a spatial intrigue.

East refinement

Interest to east culture during that time amplifies and splashed out by exotic motives in rococo: it and picturesque east ornaments with fantastic birds and flowers, both the varnished furniture, and the Chinese gardens with natural landscapes.

East refinement of rococo reveals in the Chinese palace Oranienbaum to Lomonosov, Russia. The creation belongs to talented architect Rinaldi and partly the Russian empress Ekaterina II.

The palace received the intricate name in honor of wild orange trees (German – oranienbaum) in the tubs surrounding the building on perimeter. In many respects this name is symbolical. Smooth overflowing of palace interiors in park greens – as a tribute to traditions of the East.

Freakish modelled, carved and drawn ornaments literally braid rooms of the palace and silently creep in a landscape gardening landscape through oval windows.

Empress Ekaterina II liked to spend time in Oranienbaum. They say that with images of birds the empress embroidered wall panels bugles independently. You want - trust, you want - No, but a panel, really, bewitch.

Sink as style symbol

The sink as a symbol рококоСам the term "rococo" in transfer from French "rocaille" means a cockleshell. The sea shell, with wavy bends and a natural form, is a symbol of this style.

The image of a cockleshell is present at a plaster stucco molding on walls and a ceiling, is guessed in bowls of fountains, in curls of shod gate and screens for fireplaces.

Throughout sea subject in registration of interiors and facades – a pastel of pearl and marble shades of pink, dairy, light green and blue flowers.

Among materials it is necessary to prefer expensive and natural: to natural stone, marble, dark wood, metal. Modern construction materials allow to reproduce with a mathematical accuracy even the most expensive types of finishing. For example, the Venetian plaster perfectly imitates marble, products from polyurethane – a plaster stucco molding.

To pay a craze and to subordinate the interior to laconic minimalism or to splash out emotions in spontaneous rococo – to solve to you. It all the same that to compare the provincial little girl to the magnificent woman – contrast it is too great.

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