Black-and-white aesthetics Art Deco

To art deco it is similar to piano keys: impudent contrasts of the flowers, the unusual accord of the forms, bewitching melody of a decor. The art deco, without doubts, will be to the taste to extraordinary and looking for natures.

Art deco origin

Style of an art deco combines in itself receptions of a modernist style, neoclassicism and a functionalism. The eclectic direction in architecture and painting arose after the end of World War I and extended the influence on the Netherlands and the USA.

The exaggerated decorative effect of a modernist style in combination with metal frameworks of a functionalism, ethnic motives of the East and expensive natural materials of neoclassicism - reaction for years of deprivations and the bloody fights, splashed out in an art deco.

Art deco in transfer from French "art deco" - decorative art. Style received the name in honor of "The international exhibition of modern decorative and industrial arts", taken place in 1925 in Paris. Unusual luxury goods of the French production, presented at an exhibition, strengthened the status of Paris as world capital of chic and decor in post-war years.

Later style of an art deco extended the influence outside Europe and became extremely popular in the USA. Style of the Hollywood stars – so nicknamed an art deco for its luxury, a glamour and uncommon interior decisions.

Interior miracles of an art deco

The art deco conceals in itself a set of miracles and riddles.

For example, how it is possible to combine order system and curves? Or how to make radiators of heating to similar keys of a piano? Or how metal frameworks are combined with a vegetable ornament?

The esthetics of interiors of an art deco allows and even encourages eclecticism. Mixture of strict linear forms, step and zigzag lines in a decor adjoins to chaotic bends of vegetable ornaments and images of freakish dragons and mermaids.

Modern an art deco – magnificent opportunity to show the rich house in the most favorable light. This style assumes a combination incongruous, so technological novelties - wide plasma panels and expensive speaker systems – harmoniously adjoin to ancient pictures and mirrors in modelled, gilded and poserebryonny frames, fireplaces with shod lattices and ethnic ornaments.

The composition concedes in an art deco interior to luxury. Seeming, at first sight, casual to a thing are united by idea of an exclusivity. Each subject of furniture is unique, each element of finishing is magnificent, all materials are natural.

From here, walls with unusual texture of decorative plaster, smart mosaic panels, an upholstery of furniture from skin of a crocodile or a zebra, original crystal chandeliers, stained glass sconces, a sculpture from an ivory, ethnic figurines and ornaments from the overseas countries and indecently expensive furniture with incrustation.

In an art deco there are no borders legal, and artists on an interior can give vent to the imagination. Strict proportions and straight lines of order system reincarnate in exaggerated columns with a simple ornament. 

The usual floor covering turns into a chessboard from contrast marble. The bed decorated with a canopy, towers over a floor on a pedestal from a stucco molding. Under a ceiling the young maiden who has recovered on a wall list over an asymmetric arch let magnificent hair down. Over a white fireplace with gilding the mirror in a frame of the gilded sun comfortably settled down.

So life seems more perfectly, isn't that so?

When planning an interior of an art deco it is recommended:

1) To prefer expensive natural materials – a black ebenovy tree or the chromeplated metal in a furniture framework, marble on floors and table-tops, natural skins of animals in an upholstery of furniture and floor coverings, an ivory in a sculpture, glass in accessories and lamps.

2) To combine simple geometrical forms and difficult florid ornaments – roundish arches and mirrors, straight lines of massive table-tops and wall 3D - panels it is possible to arrange safely near east carpets with a florid vegetable ornament and figured gobelins from decorative plaster отточенто.

3) The reserved color palette in black-gray-white and olive shades contrasts with bright impregnations of ornaments and accessories. Thus, the main role is played by reserved colors, as though muffling breaking grandiosity of expensive accessories and gilding. As a basis for color of walls the neutral white or light gray scale can be chosen.

Versatility and exclusivity of style is available. The playful luxury of an art deco perfectly fits into a modern situation of country residences and city apartments and forces to look at habitual things in a new way.

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