Як застосувати поліуретанову ліпнину в інтер'єрі

In ancient times to decorate the house with stucco can allow yourself to only the wealthy. Nowadays, thanks to the current style stucco materials that can not afford anyone. Decor doors, walls, ceiling and furniture - not a difficult thing, and quite inexpensive.

In this article, we'll let you into the world of polyurethane moldings. You will learn how to use it in the interior.

Polyurethane moldings, helps in creating exclusive decor and well-emphasize your interior. Thanks to modern technology today can manufacture unique products in a small number of copies. That's why you can get an incredible variety of design solutions, which are bound to find something that is dear to your heart.

What are the main advantages of polyurethane moldings? It visually adjust your living space, so you get a double effect of comfort. If you need to visually raise the room, make it higher, then the polyurethane pilasters, moldings - an indispensable option. Just place them on the walls in a horizontal arrangement.

Want something new and stylish in their living room, lobby, and maybe in the dining room? Perhaps you will like the idea of ​​galleries or art gallery? You can create one using horizontal bars to hang a picture (photo) in the frame.

The next option: horizontal separation wall, without the help of the same molding. You can share wallpapers of different colors, the upper part of the wall - bright wallpaper, the lower part - the dark.

Do you want to decorate the interior doors, but do not know what it is to resort? How about a decorative polyurethane products? You can specify a certain shape, a flat door using the "services" of molding or create arbitrary geometric shape. Do you think that the molding can only decorate? Not at all, you can use it as a door jamb. Platband also can decorate horizontal molding, for example - infill.

Perhaps the old furniture become boring, and you want to change something? Moving the cabinets does not add a sense of novelty? Then try using polyurethane decor. Tinting products in color with furniture or radically opposite. You can use decorative reliefs, small cartouches, panels, etc.

If you love to do and want to do something with their hands, in this case, try to experiment with small molded plates. For example - you can make frames for photographic images or pictures and decorate their walls.

Get a stylish mirror - incredibly simple, thanks to the same "magic" molding. They will help to make a frame for a mirror or picture. You get a great effect if the same molding will be used for the decoration of wall and frame. This technique you add a complete interior and integrity. And that much important: you will save on it, as a mirror without a frame decorated with moldings - is cheaper than services framing workshops.

Do not worry about the complexity of the work in the frame with polyurethane decor tinkering extremely easy. To decorate a mirror or picture molding presents no difficulties.

Polyurethane moldings - especially

Decorate polyurethane moldings easy, just mount and paint. Polyurethane moldings are very similar to the plaster.

And finally, consider all its advantages: a high degree of detail, smooth surface, the possibility of creating products under the order (based on the sculptural model). It's a lot of important points, especially if you want a unique home decor or apartment.

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