Stained Glass

Stained-glass window art in your house: magic of patterns in Tiffany's style

Art of a stained-glass window is immortal. The delicate work of masters of the past strikes imagination. Modern creators propose not less expressive solutions which will make your interior really fine. The freakish pattern of a cloth from multi-colored glasses creates contrast light vibrations and turns the house into the temple of an esthetics and a subtle art.

Stained-glass windows in an interior is a fashionable trend and, at the same time, opportunity to emphasize identity in internal registration of a cottage, the apartment or an entertaining institution.

Examples of use of equipment of a stained-glass window in modern interiors there is a set: from ceiling stained-glass windows to separate elements of a decor in a furniture design.

One of effective decisions with application of patterns from multi-colored glass are stained glass ceilings. It, really, something new and tremendous. Being poured ornaments as if transfer you to theater of light and shadows. Such ceiling there is a wish to admire for hours. This element of a decor expands sides of ideas of modern decorative materials. It appears, it not only multilevel ceilings with illumination, but also live art of handwork.

Dressing of ceiling designs by means of stained-glass windows became possible, thanks to the facilitated glass and modern equipment of production of stained-glass windows. Instead of standard silicate glass, apply acrylic, and the usual equipment with application of the soldered lead framework was forced out by Tiffany's stained-glass windows.

Tiffany's stained-glass windows is an innovation which in the 19th century was introduced in work of masters on work with glass by the American artist and designer Luis Komfort Tiffany. Its works from glass in modernist style not only struck contemporaries with brightness of paints and a subtlety of details, but also defined styles of a stained-glass window today.

Like the artist, Tiffany "drew" realistic pictures with the smallest details. Only instead of paints there was a glass of hundreds various shades and invoices. The master cut out necessary fragments from glass and concluded them in flexible copper strips which then were accustomed to drinking by means of tin.

Replacement of heavy frameworks from lead on easier and flexible copper plates allows to create the real masterpieces from glass, after all width of contours of glass fragments doesn't exceed 1-2 mm. Places of soldering of flexible copper plates are most often decorated by a black or copper patina. All composition entirely consists in a reliable frame.

If earlier stained-glass windows in a door and windows could be met only in temples and churches, now this luxury can be an exclusive element of a decor of your house.

Today art stained-glass windows with geometrical or vegetable ornaments are graceful details of interiors in style: classics, modernist style, baroque, rococo, neogothic style and even hi-tech. It can be chandeliers of freakish forms and coloring, realistic art panels, bright inserts in interroom partitions and the doors striking imagination figured windows.

What is, designs from stained-glass windows perfectly prove in the conditions of the increased humidity and high temperatures – they can be applied as a decor of bathrooms and to production of lamp shades without fears.

Art opportunities are boundless. To define how in the best way to emphasize identity of your house by means of Tiffany's stained-glass windows, experts of a creative workshop "Sculptor" will help. We select suitable for style and a palette ornaments and we create bright complete interior compositions.

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