Architectural decoration

The houses narrating history of life

Architectural decor yesterday are bas-reliefs, a stucco molding, columns, balustrades and eaves. Probably, you are surprised, but an architectural decor today are the same bas-reliefs, balustrades and eaves, but in an alloy with modern technologies and materials. The houses narrating history of life. Perhaps, it is so possible to interpret architecture of buildings with elements of an internal and external decor today.

Luxury didn't stick to hide behind time walls, the luxury has to shine and please a look. In spite of the fact that recently styles minimalism and hi-tech, classics use special popularity, the neogothic style and an art deco also demand the corresponding facet. Admirers of classics and the stylized interiors can find an outlet in a creative workshop "Sculptor". Here to your look all variety the technician and decor receptions will appear.

In an arsenal of a workshop of all 25 architectural styles, beginning from the Greek antiquity and finishing various stylizations.

To a course go not only modern materials which allow quickly and without damage to quality and to design to create the whole architectural compositions, but also traditional plaster and concrete.

Successfully realized projects testify that the extraordinary decor of facades is a lot of work which demands, on the one hand, exclusive art taste, on the other hand, careful design of facades, scrupulous calculations and selection of materials corresponding on operational characteristics.

Depending on wishes and vision of the client, projects of various complexity and cost are realized. For example, the relief decor from the concrete, covered with decorative plaster for facades, is practical analog a plaster stucco molding. By means of such elements of facades it is possible to realize effective projects with the device of eaves, frames of doors and windows, forming of colonnades. This material perfectly proves in installation and operation, and at all doesn't concede on specification of the smallest details of a relief. Ability precisely to transfer repeating elements of a decor of the facades, the acceptable price and fast installation provided to this material big success among architects and customers.

If standard elements of a facade from polyfoam have standard forms, for creation of exclusive architecture of a facade – an author's sculpture, bas-reliefs, a plaster stucco molding, friezes, an art list – exclusively individual approach is applied. Such work is appreciated much above, as this live art.

Romantic balconies with balustrades, bas-reliefs with the historical plots, the stylized ornaments and a list, a stucco molding for facades, balconies with carved details give to architecture of houses a certain character. What it will be, to solve to you.

Architects of a creative workshop "Sculptor" will take care of that the decorative facade corresponded to your representations and met all requirements of high-quality installation.

Just as the muse inspires the artist on creation of masterpieces, work of the architect fills internally and external furniture of houses with new sense.

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