Decorative plaster

Decorative plaster: tested with time and imaginations

Interior and facade dressing

Finishing of a ceiling and walls – whether slightly the most responsible stage of repair. Are puzzled by what material for dressing of the room to pick up, you want to make your house original and cozy. The benefit modern technologies in construction allow your dreams to be embodied in pleasant reality. Being expressed differently, the market offers materials, you infinitely dream, and professionals with pleasure realize. Ample opportunities for an embodiment even extraordinary plans in registration of an interior and a facade are provided by decorative plaster. Such plaster is used for a finishing covering of walls and a ceiling by two or several layers.

Preferring decorative plaster before wall-paper, you forever solve a problem of seams or drawing selection. And a variety of shades and reliefs will allow designers to inhale life in your ideas.

Appointment and character of the room can be emphasized easily by means of elegance of decorative plaster which will betray to the house of a note of security, tranquillity and heat, and office room will fill with confidence, wealth and stability.

Refinement of style

Distinguish impressive plaster, structural and Venetian. Structural plaster allows to form volume patterns on walls. Such effect is reached thanks to special fillers in its structure. Feature of impressive plaster that at its drawing by means of special tools it is possible to create original drawing on a wall. The Venetian plaster (or "Venetian"), special also deserves separate attention wishing to give to elegance and refinement. Thanks to its durability often Venetian plaster is used when finishing facades and in rooms with the increased humidity.

Practicality and durability

At the correct leaving decorative coverings keep the esthetic perfection decades. Thanks to special wax or a varnish it is possible to protect for a long time the trimmed surfaces from a dust and dirt. And from fungi and a mold will protect the fungicide and antiseptic additives which are present at materials. Besides you shouldn't worry if small artists leave the masterpieces on walls of rooms. Unlike children's drawings on wall-paper, the situation with painting of plaster can be corrected easily by means of damp cleaning or usual detergents.

Environmental friendliness of decorative plaster

Not less important point at a material choice for finishing of rooms is their environmental friendliness. Modern decorative plasters are used even when dressing nurseries. Dekorativka doesn't allocate harmful substances, and the walls covered with decorative plaster, "breathe"! The Gippoallergenny material with antibacterial properties does the room safe even for allergic persons.


Having estimated all advantages of decorative plaster before wall-paper and walls painting, remained the most important - to choose the corresponding masters. Entrust finishing by a dekorativka to true professionals who completely devoted itself to this business, and you want to come back to native walls again and again.

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