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Garden figures - decoration of landscaping

The landscape gardening sculpture as the direction in art always involved sculptors and artists with the plasticity, ability harmoniously to fit into environment. In public parks which "protect" statues of powerful lions, create playgrounds with a set of bright figures in the form of cheerful fantastic characters, erect beautiful sculptures. Today this direction causes a keen interest and in gardeners, owners of private houses with personal plots.

Each hostess, for certain to care of that her house differed hospitality, and the garden looked impressive, special, emphasized its tastes and answered current trends in landscaping.

Birds and animals for landscape style, amusing gnomes along a footpath "on good luck", snails in rock gardens or herons with frogs who "lodged" at a reservoir, - such garden animation will please not only you and your children, but also everyone who will glance in this fantastic garden.

Having chosen the place on a site, the stylish sculpture will give to your garden special charm. Garden figures will help to make each corner cozier, live and colourful. The garden sculpture will open the properties and natural beauty only if the material for its production is picked correctly up. The sculpture for a garden is selected taking into account the site sizes. Choosing figures for a garden the main thing - to possess sense of proportion and art style. In view of all requirements to design of a garden landscape, it is possible to create original compositions from figures of fantastic characters, combining them with green plants.

The person always aspires to surrounding itself with beautiful things, to create round itself comfort and a cosiness. You with it will be helped by extraordinary ideas, professionalism and diligence of our masters which will make your garden unique, fantastic. In a creative workshop "Sculptor" for you will make durable effective figures taking into account current trends and your wishes.

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