Daily fuss of modern life makes us often forget about simple things that make us happy – family weekends, leisure time with friends. Sometimes we hardly ever find a minute for ourselves! But we all dream to stop for a while, make a glass of hot chocolate or flavored coffee and respire, relax and forget about all troubles in our life behind the fireplace. The time behind the fire, while watching fire flames dancing skillfully, brings much pleasure. Thefire charms, soothes and makes your mind clear. It is truthfully said that having a rest near the fireplace makes you sleep better and work harder.  

The modern fireplace, which we have nowadays, came to us from Ancient Rome. The history of fireplaces started there. In the houses Romans used to build open stoves with chimneys, going through ceiling. Such a stove was usually placed in the center of the hall. Since that time the position of fireplace has been keeping unchanged. Heating of vast rooms was the main purpose of the ancient fireplaces.  Today the fireplace is used not only for heating of the house. No matter if it is a real fireplace in the cottage or just a decorative fireplace, it is always an important detail in the interior of the house owner. A fireplace symbolizes family comfort, creates peaceful atmosphere and retains heat of family relations.

Traditionally, fireplace consists of a portal, firebox and chimney. Of course, all this parts play their special roles, however a portal (exterior design of the portal) has more decorative significance than functional. In order, to create harmonious interior of the room, it is essential to pay attention to portal design. A wide range of materials can be used to decorate a portal.  Natural stone, e.g. marble, granite, is often preferable material, which masters usually use in their fireplaces’ projects. Each fireplace has its unique style of portal, which is expressed in the individual design. A fireplace with sculpture, fireplace with gilding, fireplace made of stone – superior custom design adds a nice touch to originality and exclusiveness of the house, cottage or apartment. Thus, fireplace design can tell a story about the householder, give evidence concerning his social position and wealth, and emphasize dainty taste of his wife.

While searching good ideas for your future fireplace, do not hesitate to apply to professionals, who will do their best to create individual design for your “hearth and home keeper”.

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